Causes and Effects of Poverty in Pakistan Its Solutions

We will give you information about the causes and effects of poverty in Pakistan and solutions. There are different effects and causes of poverty in Pakistan and we have to survive from this poverty and have to be more careful about this. There are different causes of poverty and we have to remove them all from our country. We will give information about the poverty issues and many solutions through which you can get this solution.

Causes and Effects of Poverty in Pakistan Its Solutions


  • The vicious circle of poverty is the largest reason for poverty in this country a poor country is poor forever and rich countries are rich due to VCP.
  • Unemployment is also the major cause of poverty in Pakistan approximately 5.5 to 16%of  of peoples in Pakistan are facing this problem.
  • Lack of foreign investment due to drawbacks and political instabilities poverty is increasing and foreign investments are not attracted toward Pakistan.
  • Corruption is the main reason for poverty in Pakistan. There is no morality among the the peoples of Pakistan so that’s why everyone is busy earning money and they cannot distinguish between true and false.
  • Materialism is another big reason for poverty in Pakistan. All the peoples who are living in Pakistan are not bonded with each other and there really busy in their own life. They are not connected with anyone.
  • Lack of education is the biggest reason for poverty in Pakistan. Peoples are not giving education to their children and they are making their life very bad and there is no value for uneducated people in Pakistan.
  • Large scale import this is also a big cause of poverty this is the largest reason because the import is increasing and export is decreasing in our country.
  • Poverty can be removed by removing and breaking the vicious circle of poverty.
  • You all have to control inflation it is compulsory for eliminating poverty.
  •  You can use modern techniques for production and subsidies in utility charges are necessary.
  •   More funds should be allotted for increasing the literacy rate in Pakistan.
  • Proper maintenance of law and order is necessary for removing poverty.

This was information about the causes and effects of poverty in Pakistan and its solutions. You all can play an important role in this method and can resolve these problems from Pakistan.

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