Career in Rescue 1122 Punjab Pakistan

Here you can find the Career in Rescue 1122 Punjab Pakistan, jobs in rescue 1122 . After the success of the Lahore pilot Project lunched in 2004, Rescue 1122 is operational in all Districts of Punjab with a population of over 80 million and providing technical assistance to other provinces of Pakistan. Rescue 1122 includes Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire services and a Community Safety program. Rescue 112 is an emergency service that serves Punjab Province in Pakistan. The service is accessed by calling 1122 from any phone. It was established under the 2006 Punjab Emergency Service Act to provide management of emergencies such as fire, rescue and emergency medical service. The Punjab Emergency Council and District Emergency Board have been constituted to ensure management and prevention of emergencies and to recommend measures for mitigation of hazards endangering pubic safety. Recently its director general is Dr.Rizwan Naseer.

The Districts Emergency Officer is responsible for the day by day operational management and administration of the service in the Districts in close coordination with the District Administration. The office of the Director General is mainly responsible for the overall monitoring to ensure uniformity and quality, training, planning, research and development through the Provincial Monitoring Cell.

Career in Rescue 1122 Pakistan

Aims and Objectives of the Rescue 1122:

  • Maintain a state of preparedness to deal with emergencies.
  • Provide timely response, rescue and emergency medical treatment to the victims of an emergency including medical and surgical emergencies.
  • Establish a system for rapid communication, exchange of information and quick response to combat or deal with an emergency.
  • Arrange for a universal toll free emergency dial-in-number as may be allocated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to be used throughout the Province.
  • Play a lead role and coordinate the working of other organizations or agencies which have lawful authority to respond to an emergency.
  • Arrange transport where necessary for carrying persons requiring emergency medical treatment from the emergency area to the nearest hospital or health care unit having arrangements for emergency medical care and treatment.
  • Establish community emergency response teams through enlistment, training, coordination and supervision of volunteers to assist the Rescue 1122 in safety promotion and management of emergencies.
  • Impart training and grant certificates to rescuers, volunteers and other private persons for due performance of emergency management duties.
  • Establish direct contact with local and international organizations and training institutions to maintain the Rescue 1122 according to international standards.
  • Collect, compile, maintain and analyze emergency response data and statistics relating to emergencies and to use it for research and prevention of such emergencies.
  • Implement the regulations framed by the Council for dealing with emergencies in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
  • Suggest measures for the prevention or mitigation of hazards endangering public safety on roads, public parks and other public places particularly exhibitions, trade shows, amusement parks, and fairs with regard to public safety provisions.
  • Encourage, facilitate, and train staff of non-governmental organizations and educational institutions for emergency management.
  • Register and ensure minimum standards and code of conduct to be followed by rescue vehicles, ambulances and patient transportation services.
  • Coordinate and maintain an effective liaison with all other organizations managing emergencies.

Career in Rescue 1122 Punjab Pakistan


  1. Chief Minister (Chairman)
  2. Chief Secretary (Member)
  3. Four Members of the Provincial Assembly which shall include one female and one opposition member to be nominated by the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly (Members)
  4. Secretary to Government, Home and Tribal Affairs Department (Member)
  5. Secretary to Government, Finance Department (Member)
  6. Secretary to Government, Health Department (Member)
  7. Secretary to Government, Local Government Department (Member)
  8. Secretary to Government, Transport Department (Member)
  9. Secretary to Government, Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Department (Member)
  10. Provincial Police Officer, (Member)
  11. Director General, Provincial Environmental Protection Agency (Member)
  12. Two representatives (one each from the Government teaching hospitals and nongovernmental organizations), to be nominated by Government, for a period of three years (Members)
  13. Director General. (Secretary).

Director General:

  1.  Government shall appoint a Director General, who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Rescue 1122 and shall exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be assigned to him by the Council.
  2. The Director General shall be postgraduate in emergency management or an emergency subject or has specialization in management of trauma or emergency patients or is a medical postgraduate has adequate knowledge, formal training and expertise in the field of emergency management and is not more than sixty years of age.
  3. The Director General shall be appointed initially for a period of three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for similar term on recommendation of the Council, keeping in view his performance and may remove him before the expiry of his tenure, if, he is not physically or mentally fit or is incapable of performing his duties.
  4. The Director General shall be responsible for the day to day administration of the affairs of the Rescue 1122.
  5. The Director General shall be paid such salary, allowances and other benefits and shall be subject to such terms and conditions of service as are laid down in his service contract.
  6.  The Director General shall follow and comply with such directions of the Council as may be given to him in writing in the public interest.
  7.  Subject to the approval of the Council, the Director General, may delegate any of his powers or functions to a Director or to an Officer of the Rescue 1122.

Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors:

  1.  There shall be Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors of the Rescue 1122, who shall be appointed in such a manner as may be prescribed by regulations.
  2.  A Director, Deputy Director and Assistant Director shall perform such functions as may be prescribed by regulations.

 Officers, employees:

  1. To carry out the aims and objectives of the Rescue 1122, the Council may from time to time appoint consultants, experts, advisors and other officers and employees.
  2.  All employees of the Rescue 1122 shall be liable to be assigned any emergency duty in accordance with the need of the time.
  3.  The number and nature of the posts in the Rescue 1122, necessary criteria and the manner of appointment thereto shall be prescribed by regulations and the employees appointed to these posts shall receive such remuneration, allowances and privileges and shall be subject to such terms and conditions of service as may be prescribed by regulations.
  4. In the performance of their duties and functions, the employees of the Rescue 1122 and the volunteers shall abide by the directions and instructions of the Director General.

District Emergency Officer and Emergency Officer:

  1. There shall be a District Emergency Officer and such other Emergency Officers appointed by the Council to perform the field operations of the Rescue 1122.
  2.  The District Emergency Officer shall be the head of the Rescue 1122 in the district and shall be assisted by all Emergency Officers and Rescuers in the district.
  3.  No person, shall be appointed as a District Emergency Officer unless, he- is a medical graduate preferably a post-graduate or having Master’s Degree in Disaster Management or Emergency Management or public health.  Has at least five years working in relevant field preferably in emergency management; and is physical and mentally fit to perform field operators.
  4.  No person shall be appointed as an Emergency Officer unless he is a medical graduate or post-graduate in a related science subject or has a professional related subject has at least two years working in emergency management; and is physically and mentally fit to perform field operations.


  1. There shall be Rescuers appointed by the Council on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed, to perform the field operations of the Rescue 1122.
  2. No person shall be appointed as a Rescuer who is more than forty five years of age; and has not cleared the educational and fitness criteria specified by the Rescue 1122.
  3. A Rescuer shall perform such field duties and functions as are assigned to him by the Council.
  4. A Rescuer shall be liable to be retired on attaining the age of fifty years, if he cannot be adjusted on any other post in the Rescue 1122.
  5. Where a Rescuer is retired under sub-section, he shall be entitled to such benefits as may be prescribed by the Council.

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