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Career in Fashion and Dress Designing in Pakistan

You must have heard the names of renowned fashion designers in Pakistan. From the last few years fashion industry of Pakistan has grown well and Pakistani fashion designers have come with their fabulous collection. In every season the designers come up with stunning collection of colorful outfits. There are many color schemes which the designers use in their outfits relating to new fashion trends.

Fashion designing is a multi-tasking field. Fashion and dress designing is creating new career opportunities for the new comers in this field. In Pakistan fashion weeks are arranged to promote Pakistani fashion in the whole world. Fashion designers like HSY, Deepak Parwani, Adnan Pardesy and some many famous names are the new trend setters in fashion industry of Pakistan.

Career in Fashion and Dress designing in Pakistan

Career in Fashion and Dress Designing in Pakistan

Many skills are required if you want to become fashion designer job in Pakistan. Like

  • Creativity and Style
  • Knowledge of Fashion History
  • Business Know-How
  • Ability to Perform Under Pressure

If you posses these skills then you should choose the field of Fashion designing. There are many renowned institutes such as Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design and many more. These institutes of Pakistan take in students for the graduate course in fashion designing. After successful completion of the course, you can remain self employed.  There are many career options for dress designer in Pakistan. It is necessary to mention here that fashion and dress designing always doesn’t means that you should be very rich and you should spend a lot of money to join this field.

It is thought that this career field is very expensive. But remember that you can start from small level and then gradually you will progress because new fashion trends are changing day by day. So just follow the fashion trends. It is very important that you should know that which kind of study is done in fashion institutes. These institutes provide different courses in regard to the art and designing but when it comes specifically to the dress making and fashion designing, these institutes teach:

  • Dress making
  • Sewing
  • Pattern making
  • Embroidery
  • Draping
  • Using accessories on the cloth
  • Sketching
  • Digital fashion
  • History of costumes
  • Knit design and technology
  • Weave design
  • Printing technology

Besides starting your own business you can get jobs in various organizations like

  • Several export houses,
  • Garment store chains,
  • Textile mills,
  • Leather companies,
  • Boutiques,
  • Fashion show organizers,
  • Jewelry houses and media houses recruit professionals,

These are the present job options for those who are interested in a career in fashion designing. The fashion designers work as Research & Development, Design management, Material and Fabric sourcing, Merchandising, and Coordination with Product promotional activities. Besides these you can always work for yourself by creating your own recognition in the market. Therefore career in fashion and dress designing is proved to be a favorable, profitable  and worthy career option for you.

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