Career As Professional Chef and Diploma in Pakistan

If you are looking for the Career As Professional Chef and Diploma in Pakistan then right page. In Pakistan the trend of hotels is increasing as in the whole world, Hotels are opened in every corner of the country which has increased job opportunities for chefs. In hotels, a chef plays the main role which is considered as the king of taste. Chef is a profession that is beneficial all over the world. In today’s world being a chef does not only mean just cooking and preparing food but a professional chef should be knowledgeable enough to answer any question related to health. It is a challenging field and if you are ready to take this challenge then this field is open for you.

In previous times, no specific education was needed to join this profession but with the passage of time getting an education is necessary for this profession. Now a- days different institutions are offering education in this field after intermediate. These courses include style of speech and cooking training which improves both abilities of a person. Courses of different duration are offered in this field that do not need too much money. Education in this field is easy to get. A good amount of salary is offered to the experienced chef, especially in big hotels. Therefore this field can be very fruitful to you in the future.

Chef courses in Pakistan Lahore

If you want to be a professional chef then you should be familiar with the word “culinary arts”. Culinary art is the art of preparing and cooking foods. The word “culinary” is defined as something related to, or connected with, cooking. A culinarion is a person working in the culinary arts. A culinarian working in restaurants is commonly known as a cook or a chef.

Career As Professional Chef and Diploma in Pakistan Details 

Career As Professional Chef and Diploma in Pakistan

Different Institutes offer diplomas and courses to become professional chefs in Pakistan. I will mention the names of some institutes that are:

1. College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Lahore offers different certificate courses and diploma programs to become a professional chef:

  • Advanced diploma in culinary arts

2 years (1-year theory/practical and 1-year internship)

  • Diploma in culinary arts

1 year (6 months theory/practical and 6 months internship)

  • Certificate in Professional Cookery

Duration: 3-Months (Theory/Practical), 3-Months Internship (optional)
Entry Level: Matric to Masters
Qualifications are Awarded By: COTHM, ICM-UK, and TEVTA Govt. of Punjab

  • Certificate in Professional Baking

Duration: 3 months (Theory/Practical)
Entry Level: Matric to Masters
Qualifications are Awarded By: COTHM, ICM-UK, and TEVTA Govt. of Punjab

The Professional Baking program provides students with the basic skills for the entry levels of commercial baking in a professional environment. Instruction focuses on maximum hands-on experience as well as theory and safety. Students will be involved in all aspects of baking preparation including breads, different varieties of pastries, cakes, and cake decorating.

  • Certificate in Fast Food & Pakistani Cuisine

Duration: 3-Months Theory Practical
Entry Level: Matric to Masters
Qualifications are Awarded By: COTHM, ICM-UK, and TEVTA Govt. of Punjab

2. TDCP Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management offers different chef courses. It offers kitchen management and skill courses which are of 6 months duration with 3 months internships.

  1. 3.  Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Karachi offers diploma courses and certificate courses in food and beverage management which is of 1 year duration, and Bakery Certificate courses which are 8 months duration.

4. The School of Culinary Arts (SCA) is the first successful project of CTTS (Centre for Trade and technician skills). School of Culinary Arts offers different courses which are:

  • Advanced Diploma in Hotel Operations

Duration 18 months

Minimum Qualification: BA/BSC

  • Diploma in hotel operations

Duration 12 months

Minimum Qualification: FA/FSC

  • Food Preparation and Culinary Arts (Chef Course)
  • Food and Beverage Service (Management Course)

Minimum Qualification: Matric/FA/FSC

  • Level 1 certification= 6 months
  • Level 2 diploma=12 months
  • Level 3 advanced diploma=18months

Short Courses of 3 months duration are also offered:

  • Certificate in Restaurant Cook
  • Certificate in Catering
  • Certificate in Cafeteria Cook
  • Certificate in housekeeping
  • Certificate in Baking/Pastry Art/Restaurant Service Staff

5. CHEFS INSTITUTE OF PAKISTAN “C.I.P” with the collaboration of expert & professional chefs has introduced a revolutionary TRAINING PROGRAMME in the field of culinary arts. This is not exclusively to fulfill the requirements of professional chefs in National or International Hotels. CIP is affiliated with TTB under the authority of the TEVTA Government of Punjab.

Courses Offered:

  • 1-year Program (Theory / Research)
  • 6 Months Studies + Practical
  • 6 Months Internship
  • Specialization in Pakistani Cuisine (Theory / Research)
  • 3 Months Studies +Practical
  • Professional Chefs Training Program (Theory/Research)
  • 3 Months Studies + Practical
  • 3 Months Internship

Continental Chef Training Program (Theory/Research)

  • 3 Months Studies + Practical
  • 3 Months Internship

Domestic Short Courses

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Fast food

To learn more about the professional chef courses from the leading institutes of Pakistan, keep visiting studysols we will update you more about your career as a professional chef in Pakistan.

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