Best Solutions To Reduce Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty has become one of the biggest problems not only in Pakistan but also all across the world. It is very important to apply the Best Solutions To Reduce Poverty in Pakistan. Every country has to reduce poverty from the country by itself. Pakistan is also working to reduce poverty in Pakistan. This year, an important step was taken to reduce poverty in Pakistan. The Pakistani government made the decision to reduce the poverty in Pakistan. The Pakistani government decided to raise its poverty threshold, increasing the number of citizens and developed government policies.

The new criteria that roughly 60 million total citizens are classified as falling below the poverty line as opposed to a smaller number of citizens who fall under the old poverty line, which was based on the 2001 data. If applied in 2001, the new data would qualify 64 percent of the population and the 34.5 percent of the citizen was classified under the old data. Currently, the new poverty line rate 29.5 percent of citizens living below a sharp decrease from 2001.

Best Solutions To Reduce Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty in Pakistan did not even have a single face as is changing its faces from place to place and also time to time so we can say that poverty is like a situation but everyone is trying to escape from that situation so that they could have enough to eat, have a proper shadow to live a life, can have easy access to education, healthy environment and protection of their life.

The government of Pakistan is not aware of the present condition of the nation and its people. Our nations make policies by suggestion and these suggestions are collected from the person who really did not know that in what situation does a common man in this country live. Another biggest and main problem in our country is increasing corruption day by day in Pakistan.

There is no concept of the morality of the people of Pakistan so that is why everyone is busy earning money. If we want to reduce poverty then we have to eliminate corrupt leaders and people. The fact that Pakistan is agricultural land that is the reason that most of the people are belonging to professional farmers. Lack of education in Pakistan is almost nothing that is why the literacy rate of Pakistan is very low Pakistan. If we increase our literacy rate, our country will become prosperous.

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