Best O Level Schools in Pakistan

Here we are going to update the best O Level schools in Pakistan that are internationally recognized qualification for the children’s is equal to matriculation in Pakistan. Most students boys and girls having 14 to 16 years are finalized their O-Level programs in three years which is equivalent to matriculation. O-Level study in Pakistan has been introduced by the British educational reform by the United Kingdom (UK) government. Nowadays a large number of students boys and girls are getting that general certificates of education O-Level in Pakistan from these best schools which are providing international and British schooling system.
All the interested parents can easily search/finding the best school for O-level and O-level programs for their children. Now, most schools are also trying to improve the advancement educational system in Pakistan and it’s offering O-Level equivalent to matric and A-Level equivalent to intermediate education. Those students have a plan to get higher education from foreign for O and A-Level who can obtain complete eligibility criteria from here online.

Best O Level Schools in Pakistan

Best O Level Schools in Pakistan

List Of O’Level Schools In Pakistan
  • Aitcheson School, Lahore
  • Anthony’s High School, Lahore
  • Karachi Grammar School, Lahore
  • Cadet College, Hasssan Abdal
  • Pak-Turk International School
  • Beacon House School System
  • Learning Alliance
  • The City School
  • The City
  • Roots School System
  • Royal City School
  • The Froebel’s School
  • Foundation Public School
  • Ibn-e-Sina, lahore
  • Bahria College, Islamabad
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • Islamabad Convent School
  • Habib Public School
  • OPF College for Girls
  • OPF College for Boys
  • Khaldunia High School, Islamabad
  • Headstart School
  • Elite International School
  • International Grammar School
  • ASAS International School
  • Marjan Public School
  • Joan McDonald School
  • Imperial International School
  • Army Public School Saddar O’ Level, Karachi
  • Karachi Cadet College, Karachi
  • Falconhouse Grammar School, Karachi
  • The Aureole School, Karachi
  • Aitchison Model School, Karachi
  • The City School Senior Girls PECHS
  • The City School Senior Boys PECHS
  • Genesis School, Karachi
  • National Grammar School, Lahore
  • The Lahore Lyceum, Lahore
  • Jinnah Foundation High School and College
  • Pak AIMS College, Lahore
  • Defence Public School, Lahore
  • Garrison Academy Lahore
  • Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore
  • Advance Resource Centre for Education, Lahore
  • Lahore School of Learning, Lahore
  • SheikhZayed International Academy, Islamabad
  • Karachi International School, Karachi
  • The City School Network, Lahore
  • American Lycetuff, Lahore
  • Leicester College of Technology
Here above-mentioned top best schools that are offering O-Level and A-Level equivalent to matric and intermediate respectively which is not supplementary complicated as compared to the Pakistani school system.
A great strength of the schools in Pakistan that are serving their students with the best quality education regarding the O and A Level program so these all school’s names have been provided above. Please stay here online for further detail about O-level schools in Pakistan.

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