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Best Jobs For Girls and Women In Pakistan

In this modern age, women are no longer inferior to men. They can support their entire family if they become successful in their career. Those days are gone when women were dependent on their families. There is no difference between men and women who expect the Best Jobs For Girls and Women In Pakistan but they have good creative abilities.

These days girls are more careers oriented than boys. They are getting more seats in the universities than boys. All this is happening because women are hard working. They can stick to their field until getting successful. The list of best careers for girls is given below.


1.    Lecturer:  Teaching is one of the best jobs for girls. They are now getting higher education in this field. They can choose many sciences and arts subjects  For example Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Statics, Economics, English, Islamic Studies, Social studies, Pak studies, Arabic, Applied Psychology, Geography, History, and many more subjects. The job of teaching gives them high respect and satisfaction. They can be good lecturers or professors or teachers. The salary range for this job is between 10000-40000 Rupees. But if you are Mphill or PHD level then this range increases from 40000 Rupees.

Best Jobs For Girls and Women In Pakistan


The field of medicine is one of the most suitable fields for girls. There are many professions for girls in the field of medicine for example nursing, Doctor, radiologist, Psychologist, Dentist, Gynecologist, The doctorate is a noble profession. They find several opportunities to help others as well as earn wealth. The salary range for Doctors starts from 40000 Rs to an unlimited amount. The salary range for Nurses can be in the range of 15000 Rs to 25000 Rs.

Fashion Designer:

designing is the most suitable field for girls. If you have creative abilities then this field is very beneficial for you. Courses in fashion designing include BFA, B-Design, bachelor in fashion designing and textile designing, fashion marketing, etc.  You can be a renowned dress designer or jewelry designer.


Girls can choose this field and earn a lot of money. You can become a makeup artist, Hairstylist and can open your own parlor. You can take practical training from different vocational institutes and different beauty parlor offer professional courses to girls. If you think you are interested in this field then you can do the job of a beautician. First, you have to gain practice from a renowned institute then you can start your personal business. The salary range for beautician starts from 15000 to 50000 Rs.

Information Technology Jobs:

There is too much scope for girls in the field of computer and IT. There are many computer fields and different professional courses are offered for example Web & Graphic designing, Auto CAD, Data Base Administration, Web Site Development, Web Engineering with PHP, Multimedia 3d Animation, and many more. These professional courses are very beneficial for girls. The salary in this field depends upon the type of job but mostly there are high-paying jobs in this field.

Creative Writer:

Women can be the best creative writer. Women can choose this field because it is very beneficial for them. They can enhance their capabilities by doing professional courses. In this modern age, there are many career chances for girls. They can become scriptwriters or novel writers or column writers. They should improve their writing skills. The salary range for a creative writer is between 15000 Rs to 30000 Rs. Once you gain experience you can also a home freelance writer and earn money.

These are the best jobs for girls. No doubt, women can do everything. She can within circumstances. She faces every situation with courage. These are not the only jobs for girls but these jobs can indeed be one of the best jobs for girls in Pakistan.

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