Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan

Capturing of pictures and protecting the memories were in practice since the camera was invented. And the history of fashion photography leads back to 1830’s. Fashion photography is actually flaunting of style, trends and clothes by enhancing them with exotic accessories and designations of photographing. Pakistan have unmatched beauty and talent and now in the field of fashion progressing by leaps and bounds. Pakistani photographers have been praised not only in Pakistan but abroad too.  Here I introduce you some of the Pakistani fashion photographers who are best at what they do.

Fashion and style is all about image and vision. It is the image that makes the fashion trends into mindsets and them spread it in the whole world and persuade people to adopt that particular fashion trend. Behind this entire image story, the photographer is the real source that brings this image to the real world and makes it public and common. The fashion photographers are the only persons who bring a designer’s vision at the stores and streets from where the people get it and buy it easily.

Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan

Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan

 Syed Fawad Ali:

The talented and passionate Fawad Ali started his photography with events and fashion shows. He shoots a wide range of youth led events, fashion shows and ramps photography. Apart from outdoor shootings of various quality locations across the Karachi and its surrounding areas, Syed Fawad Ali has also done studio photography in a well said manner.Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan Syed Fawad Ali

  • Expert in Events Coverage
  • Skill in Photo shoots as a Photographer in a studio settings and group settings
  • Excellent knowledge in defining themes and concept for photography and graphic design, undertaking or supervising photography, and high volume post-production editing
  • Expertise in Photo editing, image manipulation, and image restoration

Aiming to continue Photography and designing, Syed Fawad Ali aspires to be one of the Pakistani photographers who wish to excel in performance while indifferent to monetary grandeur.

 The Wap’z Studio:

The chill personality and lively compliance of Abdul Rehman along with his professional team make him attracting and eye catching in every corner of fashion industry. Abdul Rehman started his career as a photographer in 2004  The Wap’z Studio is a renowned fashion photographic studio across the country. The man behind the Wap’z Studio is brilliant and artistic photographer Abdul Rehman who put his nick Mani in his studio and named it Mani at Wap’z Studio. Mani is his nick name and Wap’z is his team. The Wap’z Studio is all time hot favorite for Bridal and Fashion photography. The brides shoot by Wap’z Studio is stunning and larger than life. The bridal portfolios make by the Wap’z Studio are out of the box and very well appreciated. The owner of the Wap’z Studio Abdul Rehman exactly knows how to dig the hidden beauty and how to maximize it with his photographic sense.

 Tariq AK:

Talented, passionate and robust Tariq AK entered in the fashionBest Fashion Photographer in Pakistan Tariq AK industry in such a bashful manner and in quite short time he has won the hearts of millions by his larger than life images and exuberant photography. Tariq AK has a passion of photography from a very young age but in professional sense he started his career in 2010. He used to play with an old model camera in his house and never missed special moments to capture. This interest and concentration of Tariq AK lend him to the fashion photography field and soon he got the attention and recognition as a talented and emerging photographer in Pakistan.The distinctive style and artistic work of Pakistani fashion photographer Tariq AK make him successful and demanding.

 Studio Clix:

The top class Pakistani fashion photography studio Clix was originally founded by creative Bilal Khan and Fasih Ahmed with an aim to bring something unique and out of the ways.The high resolution images and high quality services of Studio Clix give a complete satisfaction and personal attachment to the client. This quality of Studio Clix makes it more successful, reputable and sought after day by day.

 Sohail Anjum:

Twinkling and shining star of pakistan, the London based Pakistani fashion photographer Sohail Anjum is one of the leading photographers in UK. Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan Sohail AnjumThe stunning and full of life pictures of Pakistani fashion photographer Sohail Anjum has been published in various national and international fashion magazines.  The powerful camera lens of Pakistani fashion photographer Sohail Anjum works in various areas of fashion and style which include news features, fashion photography, portfolios, celebrity shoots, live events, red carpets, TV and film world. One of a significant feature of Sohail Anjum is that he prefers to shoot on location and in black and white. He believes that the natural color of black and white has a strong appealing power that captivates and arrests the mind of a viewer at once.

 Tapu Javeri :

For the people of Pakistan and especially for the photography alcoholic, the name of renowned Pakistani fashion photographer Tapu Javeri is not new.Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan Tapu Javeri Born and brought up in the city of lights Karachi, this talented and ingenious Pakistani fashion photographer started his photographic career with country’s esteemed newspaper DAWN. Initially working with DAWN and then many other fashion magazines, Tapu Javeri soon became one of the best fashion photographer of Pakistan. With his creative photographic sense and innate picturesque ideas, Tapu Javeri developed a strong and versatile collection of fashion and commercial photography in a very short time span.

The brilliant and artistic work of Rizwan-ul-Haq has shined the fashion scene with his larger than life images and bright shoots.

 Rizwan-Ul-Haq Best Fashion Photographer in Pakistan Rizwan-Ul-Haq

Not only has this, the hard work, commitment, high quality, personal attention to every project made Rizwan-ul-Haq the most sought after fashion photographer. He received offers from big names of fashion fraternity and without thinking of any second thought, the Pakistani fashion photographer Rizwan-ul-Haq associated him with such big names and make his profile more mature, string and prospect.

 Hajira Ahmed:

The young, talented and robust Pakistani fashion photographer Hajira Ahmed is a mixture of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Hajira Ahmed is a lady who thinks beyond imagination and limitations. Not only in Pakistan, the creative and stunning photography of Hajira Ahmed is praised and cherished by the international art lovers too.

These are not the only photographers of Pakistan the list can go on an on.

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