Benefits of Vocational Courses to a Person

Vocational courses in Pakistan are the short courses arranged for mostly youngsters. The purpose of vocational courses is to prepare people for activities side by side to education. In summer vacations students head towards the institutions providing vocational courses. These vocational courses not only give a healthy activity for students to have in their vacations but also learning of new skills takes place.


The vocational courses that are arranged for girls include:

  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Candle making
  • Cooking
  • Knitting
  • Embroidery etc.

These vocational courses help the females to learn the household activities that are helpful for them in their future life. Although education is must for and obligation for every girl but in our society girls who are excellent at handling homes and have extra skills they are appreciated and adored more than those who are just book-worms and have no interest in household.

Benefits of Vocational Courses to a Person

Benefits of Vocational Courses to a Person

Sometimes it happens that girls who are getting science related education and are also good in arts they join these centers for enhancing their skills and it is observed a lot that if they get married and become housewives they use these skills for the generation of their income.

The vocational courses are also joined by girls who don’t like to waste their time sitting idle. The learnt skills become their hobby and the precious time that they waste watch television or chit chatting about nothing they get a direction to spend it constructively and if God forbid hard time comes I life their skills can help them get through with them easily.


People are not well-aware about the courses that are provided for boys. Here are some of the courses provided for boys.

  • Electrician
  • Fiber glass making
  • Graphics and web designing
  • Welding
  • Office automation and management
  • Plumber
  • Mobile phone repairing
  • Mechanic

Here, all the courses mention are quite boyish and just according to their nature. For boys they are helpful not only in daily life but in professional life too. The courses related to management help boys to overcome their deficiencies that can pose of negative results in their professional life. Whereas, the courses like mechanic, electrician. Web and graphic designing can help them in daily life. Now-a-days as everything is getting expensive similarly labor is also touching heights, in this scenario it is very feasible if boys adopt such courses in their vacations.

Moreover, vocational courses help boys to experiment and use their technical minds for doing something good. Too much time is wasted by boys in wandering here and there. Boys who adopt such courses not only get experience but also learn to do beyond their education.

Benefits of Vocational Courses to a Person:

In Pakistan it is observed a lot that ratio of educated boys is very less as compared to girls, in the case the boys who are not taking any professional education can at least learn some skills to earn bread and butter or say pocket money for themselves.

We are very lucky that no doubt our country is developing slow and steady our government has taken steps to promote vocational training and have made functional some institutes themselves for example NVTTC. While in many developed countries such institutes are discouraged to be formed. We should all pay attention towards this side of education too rather than mashing our heads in books or having UN-necessary fun. And parents should also play their role in promoting the vocational training for their children. After all, knowledge in what so ever form never goes in vain.

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