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Benefits of Studying in Abroad

You and I listen now and then going abroad for their studies and question arises that why these people are going abroad are their parents’ filthy rich or they are just trying to impress people. Allow me to give you some insight why they do so.

It is not important that people are rich enough to send their children away. While their fees are 100 times more than they are in our country. Approximately 30-35 lacs Pakistani for every year. Every student can’t afford this, so students who are scholarship bearers go abroad mostly and obviously they are brainiest of all.

Benefits of Studying in Abroad

Benefits of Studying in Abroad

  • Exposure  to world trend:

Students going abroad are pretty obviously exposed to world trends and we all know that now-a-days new technology emerges every single hour. If we will remain conserved to our own country we are likely never to progress and neither will be our children. So it is benefit for them to be exposed to new world. Although harder for parents to let them go but it is pretty necessary for them.

  • Wide range of subjects to choose:

Pakistan although consisting of world’s best universities, schools and colleges yet all the subjects taught world-wide are not present here. When a student gets a chance to go abroad along with it he/she gets a chance to choose new subjects that he would have not got an opportunity to study in his own country. So stepping up in new world brings opportunity to those who want to excel in life.

  • Respect and Prosperity for country:

When the students go abroad for higher studies and get education about new fields, he on returning back to his country brings lots of respect and prosperity along and only this way Pakistani students can help in improving image of their country that is distorted badly around the globe due to terrorism.

  • Representation of country and culture:

I would like to share my personal experience here, when I went to abroad I felt each and every second as a responsibility on my shoulders of my country’s representation in positive way and only a patriot are likely to promote their culture. The most important thing to keep in account that whenever a student goes abroad he/she takes his up-bringing along. And who we are, we represent our whole Pakistani community.

  • Exchange of values and morals:

Students who go out of country for further study they exchange values and morals with many different nationality holders. Every person takes image of our nation just as we are. And we take their. So it is a mutual sharing process of our morals and values and it is not at all wrong to adopt the good qualities of other nations because they help us competing them by reaching to their level.

Pakistani students don’t have lack of talent; neither are they less than anybody in intelligence. But still our country is not prospering because of our narrow mindedness and becoming hurdle between acquiring of knowledge abroad of our students.

All I will suggest is that time has changed and we have to become prosperous and a competition of world. And only and only way to it is leaded by students who are not only glittery gold crown of pride for their parents but also our country.

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