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Bachelor Of Mass Communication BMC in Pakistan

Mass Communication simply meanings are that Communication with the media through Masses. Its a very vast field bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) is a bachelor level degree (graduate degree). There are many types of mass communication Media whose providing news and talking to the media through mass. Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) is the individuals and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time.

There are some various degree for the Mass communication (Bachelor of Mass Communication BMC, Bachelor of Mass Media BMM, Bachelor of Journalism BJ, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication BJMC, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication BA-JMC, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication BA Mass Communication). Here we are providing the details of Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) in Pakistan course including duration, eligibility, admission criteria, selection procedure, course fees and syllabus. BMC  is the 3 year duration course its equivalent to the graduate degree and 6 semesters.

Bachelor Of Mass Communication BMC in Pakistan

Bachelor Of Mass Communication BMC,Jobs,Career,Subjects in Pakistan

Bachelor Of Mass Communication BMC,Jobs,Career,Subjects in Pakistan

Four types of relationships need to be differentiated (macro to macro), (macro to micro), (micro to micro), and (micro to macro). The two within level relationships are linked by the two cross level relationships that, in turn, are explicated by various theories of organizational, institutional, and social processes.

Mass communication is thus conceived of as a process from production to consumption that occurs at both micro-individual and macro social levels. The contributions of this multilevel view of mass communications to theoretical development in the field is illustrated by analyzing three prominent theories.

Here below we are providing Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMMC) degree Admission Criteria. And course out lines also provided here.


The most important function of mass communication is provides the information to the public primary through news electronic media and print and news papers. Information diffused through these channels (media) is about new events, products, changes in policies, ideas, philosophies. Mass Communication is the bridge between public and media that mass communication provides the news, information and connection the communication between public.Bachelor Of Mass Communication BMC in Pakistan


Entertainment is the most common function of mass communication for socialism. When used for entertainment, the mass media publicize such programs as are pleasur-able to the consumers or audience. Mass Communication is also the biggest way to provide the entertainment to public through electronic media, news papers documentaries, TV Shows Places, Videos, Movies, Songs, Dramas its all about the entertainment and for the learning purpose.

Admission Criteria:

  • 1/4 of Matric (Marks obtained) + Total Marks in F.A/F.Sc
  • 20 Marks (if Candidate is Hafiz-e-Quran)
  • Passing Marks of Entry Test is 40% The Admission will be made according to following order of preference. Those who passed F.A/F.Sc.
    • Second Annual Examination & 1st Annual Examination (Fresh Candidates)
    • First Annual Examination (previous year)
    • Second Annual Examination (Previous year)
Admission Requirement: Intermediate
Selection Process: All applicants having the required qualifications are admitted.
Duration: Two Years
Medium of Instruction: English
Teaching Methodology: Distance Learning including assignments and tutorials.
AIOU Credits Required: Eight credits
Course Required: N/ASemester:
1. Advertising
2. Television Broadcasting
3. Reporting
4. Principles of Journalism
5. Magazine Journalism
6. Public Relations
7. Mass Communication
8. Book Editing
9. Radio Broadcasting
1. Radio Broadcasting

Here are below Provided Course for the Bachelor of the Mass Communication (BMC) in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

 Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU

Course Outline

Course Name Term/ Semester/ Year # Credit Hour / Marks
English I Semester I 4
Current Affairs Semester I 4
News Editing (English+Urdu) Semester I 4
News Reporting (English+Urdu) Semester I 4
Intro. to Mass Communication Semester I 4
Basic Computer Techniques Semester I 3
English II (Functional) Semester II 4
Journalistic Writing Technique (Practice) Semester II 4
Intro. to Social Science Semester II 4
Fundamental of Public Relations Semester II 4
Principles of Advertising Semester II 4
Pakistan Studies & Islamiyat Semester II 4
Press Freedom & Responsibility Semester III 4
Media History (Pre-Partition) Semester III 4
Intro. to Radio Journalism Semester III 4
Intro. to Television Journalism Semester III 4
Media Laws (Pre-2000) & Ethics Semester III 4
Basics of Internet and editing on Computer (Lab) Semester IV 4
Visual Communication Semester IV 4
Editorial, Column & Feature Writing Techniques Semester IV 4
International Communication Semester IV 4
Reporting Advanced (case studies) Semester IV 4
Mass Communication Theory (Effect Approach) Semester V 4
Development Communication Semester V 4
Fundamentals of Media Research Semester V 4
Magazine Journalism Semester V 3
Research/Project Proposal Writing/Presentation Semester V 3
Writing Thesis Semester VI 8
Organizational Communication Semester VI 4
IT (New Media) & Society Semester VI 3
Internship Report Semester VI 4
Fundamentals of Multimedia Productions Semester VII 2
Foreign Language Semester VII 4

Here we will provide you More Information about Mass Communication, Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC) its purpose, Jobs, Jobs criteria, and Its Career in Pakistan in our next article So please keep stay with us here on Studysols For the next article and if you  want to ask any thing about it so you can comment us here in below given comment session.

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