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Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad Entry Test Result 2023

Admission to Army Burn Hall College for the boys is open at Abbottabad for the session of 2023. The candidates are invited for the Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad Entry Test Result 2023 in FSc and A-Level. Candidates having the interest to get admission in ABHC are invited to apply for admission. Basically, the history of this organization is very interesting to know about that. But before the discussion about the history of this organization, admissions are open in this college. In fact, the last dates for admission to this college are the first of June 2023. Therefore, the candidates who want to get admission to Army Burn Hall College should apply before the last date of admission. However, the registration fee for admission is available for the candidates to know before registration.

In this way, the fee for the registration is four thousand five hundred as well as the four thousand and seven hundred. However, the entry test is going to conduct on the date of 20th Jun of 2023. After the entry test classes will start as soon as possible. Infect the college does not wait for the result of the entry test which is conducted for admission.

Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad Entry Test Result 2023

An interesting thing is to appear in the classroom to attend classes before the entry test result. But it is going to happen with the students of Army Burn Hall College appearing in classes. In this way, the classes are going to start on 28 June 2023. However, the eligibility criterion is strongly followed by the board of the organization. So, the criterion of admission is that the student’s marks must be 80 percent in medical or engineering. On the other hand, seventy percent of marks are necessary for science as well as general science. In fact, a B grade is necessary for O-level students in the exams.

The organization of Burn Hall is providing its services from the time of 1943 human beings. However, the organization was handed over in the time of 1977 to the Pakistan Army to provide the services. That is why now it is under the Pakistan Army to deliver the services for the students in Pakistan. So, the candidates should follow the instruction to get admission to Burn Hall. Any query regarding the college of Burn Hall will be furnished here.

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