ADCP Scope in Pakistan

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology in Pakistan is a new upcoming Profession in Pakistan.  In this way, the ADCP Scope in Pakistan Starting Salary and Subjects List is available here. In the recent past year, this profession was of low value but now its worth is increasing. Everybody is now accepting the importance of psychology in this tress life. Due to the overburden of work and other mental tensions, people are losing their temperaments and tolerance. Due to a lack of mental relaxation people are getting anxiety and crimes are growing in society.

Everybody is now accepting that mental health is also as necessary as physical health is necessary. People with sick minds find shortcuts in their lives. Even these shortcuts lead them towards criminal ways. Psychology is one of the solutions for these mental sicknesses and makes society healthy. So, we are providing additional information regarding the subjects of ADCP as well as its scope in Pakistan. In this way, interested students can read this article to get valuable information.

ADCP Scope in Pakistan

ADCP Staring Salary in Pakistan

Many institutions start the Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology of different time durations. Some are teaching it for 1 year and some are teaching it in 1.5 years. The Courses are different according to institution but some major subjects may same in all institutions. Professional Ethics, Clinical Assessment including theory + practice + results, Legal affairs in Clinical Psychology, Therapy techniques, psychopathology, and Neuro Psychopathology, and case consultation are some of the main subjects for this diploma.

ADCP Scope in Pakistan Salary and Subjects List

The students of applied Psychology and Clinical Psychology and MA or MSc in Psychology are most eligible for this diploma. As diplomas are to increase the skills in a specific field. So psychology students must get enrolled in it and enhance their skills. In most public institutions like Punjab University, a high CGPA is acceptable for this diploma.

ADCP Subjects List in Pakistan

Since people started to focus on their mental health the scope of clinical psychology is increased. New jobs are announced in all Government and private institutions, especially in Special Education institutions. There are open opportunities to work in private hospitals and clinics as a clinical psychologist.

NGOs are one of the biggest sources to work with because NGOs hire Psychologists at high costs. Both the government and private educational institutes hire at high costs for the mind freshness and motivation f students. Multinational organizations hire psychologists at high costs for the mental health of their employees. There are equal opportunities in police placement cell and rescue 1122 and Atomic Energy Commission and forensic department.

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