9th Class Physics Smart Syllabus 2023

The students already know that the schools are closing due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 in our country. In this way, the government is making plans to continue the study of the students for the secondary system. However, the Board is sending the syllabus with a new scheme according to the situation of current affairs in the Country. So, the syllabus is going to reduce with respect to the condition of schools and the pandemic issues in Pakistan. Therefore, the 9th Class Physics Smart Syllabus 2023 is available from the educational board here. Students can start their study of Physics books with respect to the smart syllabus.

However, the other books with smart and short syllabi are available in PDF format, which you can check. However, for now, we are delivering the smart syllabus for the subject of Physics in this post. So, you will know about the topics which are included in this short syllabus for study this year. Here are 9 chapters covering the topics with the smart syllabus or short from the board. We will try to deliver the complete short syllabus for Physics subject for 9th-class students here.

9th Class Physics Short / Smart Syllabus 2023 Pdf Download


Short syllabus chapter wise:

  • In the first chapter the topics are covering quantities of the physical, base, derived. The next topic of Units is covering Units, Prefixes, scientific notation, and Vernier caliper in this chapter.
  • The second chapter topics are Rest Motion, Scalar Vectors, and Motion Analysis.
  • Distance and Speed time Graph, Equations and examples of Motion.
  • The third chapter is covering Force, Inertia Momentum, Newton Laws, Friction, and coefficient. Centripetal Force and examples are involved in the short syllabus.
  • The 4th chapter topics are Parallel forces, Head to Tail rule, Principles and Center of Gravity. Torque, Equilibrium, and conditions examples.
  • Gravitation Chapter is covering Laws, Mass of Earth, and artificial Satellites as well as examples.
  • Chapter 6 is covering topics of energy like Kinetic, Potential, and examples. However, the efficiency and Power topics are including in the syllabus.
  • The topics in the 7th chapter are Pressure in Atmospheric, variation, Liquids density, and Pascal Law. However, Hooke’s Law, as well as Young’s Modulus, is including.
  • The 8th chapter is covering topics of Temperature, Heat capacity importance, Change of state fusion, vaporization, and evaporation. The thermal expansion and liner thermal are short syllabus topics.
  • The last one is having topics of transfer heat, conduction as well as thermal conductivity. Convection currents, Gliding Radiation topics are in the smart syllabus.

However, you can also download the PDF format short syllabus for this subject. For other short syllabus subjects of 9th class checkout here.

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