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9th Class Computer Science Smart Syllabus

As we all know the changing of the computer science book according to the new edition of Book. In this way, there are a total of five chapters in the new book computer science students are studying. So, the students should not think that there are only five chapters in the computer science new book. In fact, the content of the chapters is very easy but mostly, relevant to practical work. However, the 9th Class Smart Syllabus of Computer Science Punjab Board is available for the students. The last chapter of the new addition to the computer science book is the basis of totally practical.

Somehow, the Students are mentally disturbed by the epidemic of Covid-19. They are not completely fresh to focus on their studies as per the disturbance of lockdown and other news. The government is providing the facility to reduce the burden of study as well as the pandemic for the students. In this way, the Punjab board is reducing the syllabus with name of a short syllabus or smart syllabus. Now the students can study their books according to the selective syllabus given by the board. So, here we are providing the short syllabus of the computer science book with respect to the Punjab board.

9th Class Smart Syllabus of Computer Science Punjab Board

If you want to know about the short syllabus of another subject you can check here for that. The short syllabus of all subjects is available for 9th class students. You also can download a PDF file check for that from our website.

Short Syllabus of Computer Science subject:

  • From the first Unit: the topics are available here like problem-solving steps, flowcharts, and examples, the definition of the algorithm, and formulation examples. The efficiency of Algorithms and Identification of errors are coming in a short syllabus.
  • Second Chapter: covering the topics like the introduction of the numbers system.
  • All conversions, memory data storage, Boolean, operators, and logical expressions.
  • From the third Unit: def. of computer networks, Models, Protocols, IP addressing and routing, etc.
  • Unit four is covering: Ethical issues and introduction, encryption and keys password, Cybercrime topic.
  • Unit number five: it is completely basis on practical work but the syllabus including in this chapter is the introduction of HTML.
  • Text formatting with hyperlinks and definitions.

There are almost 27 practical to prepare for the exam in the smart syllabus available from the Punjab board. So, the practical’s are available in PDF form where you can download. For other subjects keep check the website to get off them. Any query regarding computer science will be furnished here.

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