6th September Defence day of Pakistan Speech in English

Here we will be upload now 6th September Defence day of Pakistan Speech in English. Defence day is the day of proud for all Pakistan nation. After listening the date of this day our eyes bow down with full of resect. Our Pak Army sacrifices their souls their life for the betterment and the life of the whole nation. 6 September is the day on which every Pakistani goes back to those days in which the journey of this date starts. A battle is fought on 6 September 1965, main reason of this battle is when the subcontinent separates many problems and disputes don’t solve at that time.

Main problems of that time were water dispute and the Kashmir problem. These are the main reason on which both countries fought the battle, in 1965 India attacks on Pakistan without any declaration. India fought with their full power and as much as they can fought against Pakistan.

Indian army thought that Pakistan is not a strong nation so they thought that they can fully take under the Pakistan but Pakistan Army fought with their full spirit.

6th September Defence day of Pakistan Speech in English

6th September Defence day of Pakistan Speech in English

Allah Almighty helps the Pakistan because He knows that Pakistan nation is on right. Indian army want to take the whole Pakistan and come with their preparation of battle but Pakistan attack in the answer of every attack of India.

I don’t think so any other nation has that courage. Pakistan India battle continues for 17 days continuously and Pakistan Army wins in the battle with their unregretable courage. Not our powerful army sacrifices their lives but also many other people from the nation come in front of the Indian army and sacrifice their life without any kind of hesitation. Many main people are also prominent that make their whole life for the Pakistan and write their name with golden pen. The main name is Major Aziz Bhatti that person honored with the title of Muhafaz e Lahore and also awarded with Nishan e Haider that is the great achievement for all Pakistani. At the end we have to pray for the Shuhda of Pakistan that sacrifices their life.

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