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6 Tech Predictions for 2023

This past year wasn’t as exciting a year for technology, mostly because Apple didn’t release any game-changers in the year following the death of cult of personality and former CEO Steve Jobs. We saw the iPad 4, the iPad Mini, the iPhone 5, a couple of iPod revisions and whatever a Lightning Dock is, but nothing that matched the excitement surrounding the first iPod, iPhone, or iPad. However, other companies swooped in to gather their own hype (and some of Apple’s massive market share). Google released the Nexus 7 and enjoyed the bad press accompanying the terrible Apple Maps. Microsoft bucked third-party manufacturers and produced their own tablet, the Surface. If anything, 2012 may be known as a year of shift, when titans like Apple and Facebook became less titanic. The tech trends of 2019, though, could be more monumental, solidifying and expanding upon trends we saw this year. Let’s take a look.6 Tech Predictions for 2023 are given here.

6 Tech Predictions for 2023

iPad 5:

The always loud Apple rumor mills are churning once again, this time about the iPad 5. A Japanese blog recently leaked the specs of the latest iPad—it will be thinner, shorter, and faster than the Fourth Generation iPad, but not a significant edit. If the estimated release date of March is correct, the tablet is coming a mere five months after the last iPad. We’ll have to see if this results in buyer fatigue. Buying an iPad only to have it go obsolete in less than half a year is understandably frustrating.

Tablets Overtake Desktop:

Speaking of tablets, 2019 will probably see tablet sales overtaking the sales of desktops and laptops. In a trend started this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, analysts suggest that 80 million tablets will be shipped next year compared to 63.8 million notebooks. Over 70% of Americans already own a desktop or laptop, so more will probably opt to get a tablet instead of an upgrade to a new computer.

Widespread 3D:

Starting several years ago with James Cameron’s epic Avatar, 3D is back in a big way in both movie theatres and homes. Expect this to continue, with more three-dimensional televisions, computers, video game consoles, and even printers.6 Tech Predictions for

China Overtakes US in Research:

China is already nearing rival United States in the amount of scientific research released and published, a trend several years in the making. Next year they may finally overtake us in output, becoming the scientific superpower to beat.

PS4/Xbox 720:

Both Microsoft and Sony are pretty quiet about their next console releases scheduled for next year but expect them to be smaller, quicker, and more connected. They will probably also be marketed as the system for serious, hardcore gamers.

AR Glasses:

Google and other companies are looking to release Augmented Reality glasses—basically a smartphone you wear on your face and record and communicates with the world around you. This may be the most sci-fi innovation of next year.

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