2nd Year Chemistry Chapter 8 Solved Exercise

There are several individuals probing the 2nd Year Chemistry Chapter 8 Solved Exercise pdf online. Here they will able to get it directly from this place. Actually, the chapter is important therefore, the individuals are hoping to get a solution file. It is not a surprise that you can easily find it and take your next action. In fact, the portion of the MCQs that are coming at the end of the exercise is available. Similarly, the remaining questions are also in the sheet that you can also remember. So, we are covering both for the individuals at this place.

In this chapter, the main topic is Lymphatic hydrocarbons which covers several small topics. Get some questions with their answers and complete the PDF file. Actually, these are the major questions from Chapter 8 that we are going to mention at below. So, it will help to figure it out and see the table of answers. In fact, the complete file of the exercise as well as other sections is also covered in the file.

2nd Year Chemistry Chapter 8 Solved Exercise

  1. An Aldehyde is reduced to Alkane with:  

(a) KOH+N2H4 (b) NaOH

(c) CaO and NaOH (d) Co(OH)2

  1. Which of the following compound will not form Metal alkynide:  

(a) Ethyne (b) Propyne

(c) 1- Butyne (d) 2-Butyne

  1. When a mixture of Ethene and air is passed over heated silver under pressure we get:  

(a) Superoxide (b) Epoxide

(c) Ozonide (d) Benzene

  1. Ethyl chloride when boiled with alcoholic KOH gives:  

(a) Acetylene (b) Ethylene

(c) Ether (d) Ethyl alcohol

  1. What type of reaction occurs between Ethene and hydrogen:  

(a) Addition (b) Substitution

(c) Oxidation (d) Dehydration

  1. Which ion is most stable:  

(a) CH3+ (b) CH3-CH2+

(c) (CH3)2CH+ (d) (CH3)3C+

  1. Mustard gas is:  

(a) Highly viscous liquid (b) Low boiling liquid

(c) High boiling liquid (d) Colourless gas

  1. Select the compound which has acidic hydrogen:  

(a) Methane (b) Ethene

(c) Butadiene (d) Acetylene

  1. The characteristic reactions of alkanes are:  

(a) Polymerization (b) Addition

(c) Elimination (d) Substitution

  1. Polymerization of three molecules of acetylene while passing through Cu tube at 300oC  gives:  

(a) Benzene (b) n-Hexane

(c) Naphthalene (d) Cyclohexane

  1. The characteristic reactions of alkenes are:  

(a) Polymerization (b) Addition

(c) Elimination (d) Substitution

  1. The presence of pi bond in a molecule is the sign of :  

(a) Unsaturation (b) Inertness

(c) Stabilty (d) Saturation

  1. Vinyl acetylene combines with HCl to yield:  

(a) Neoprene rubber (b) Chloroprene

(c) Poly vinyl acetylene (d) White ppt.

  1. CH3 is an example of:  

(a) Alkenyl group (b) Alkane series

(c) Alkyl group (d) None of these

  1. When Sodium Salts of fatty acid are heated with Sodalime, we get alkane along with: 

(a) Na4C (b) H2O

(c) CO2+ N2 (d) Na2CO3

  1. For each double bond, the heat of hydrogenation of Alkene is:  

(a) 110 K.J mol-1 (b) 130 K.J mol-1

(c) 115 K.J mol-1 (d) 120 K.J mol-1

  1. The alkenes react with aqueous solution of halogen acid to form: 

(a) Alcohols (b) Aldehyde

(c) Alkanes (d) Alky halides

  1. Which of following is used as a general anesthetic:  

(a) Ethane (b) Propane

(c) Ethenol (d) Ethene

  1. Alkyl halides on treatment with active metals like Zn yield:  

(a) Alkene (b) Alkyne

(c) AIkane (d) Alcohol

  1. Which of following is prepared by oxidation of Ethane:  

(a) Acetone (b) Ethyl alcohol

(c) Formic acid (d) None

chemistry chapter 8 class 12 exercise solutions


1     6 10
a d b b a d c d d a
11  12  13  14  15 16  17  18  19  20
b a b c d d d d c b

These are the answers to the above questions which you can reach and remember for your preparation. However, the complete file also holds important questions and more topics. In this case, you can download and go for it to save on your device. It will help to remember major questions to get good marks.

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