28 May Youm e Takbeer Speech In English

Here you will come to know about the 28 May Youm e Takbeer Speech In English from this site. Youm e Takbeer is one of the important days in the history of Pakistan. On 28th May in 1998, Pakistan detonated seven nuclear devices when India detonated five on the same day. As a result of these seven nuclear blasts, Pakistan became the seventh biggest nuclear power in the world and the first biggest power in the Muslim world. The blast was done under the supervision of Nawaz Sharif by the senior scientist Sir Abdul Qadeer Khan at Chagai Medal. 28 May is also considered as YOum e Takbeer because on this day when the blast was successfully done, a huge crowd responded with ALLAH u Akbar which means ALLAH is Great. Takbeer is also the part of Prayer too.

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28 May Youm e Takbeer Speech In English

This was one of the most important days in our history because in the development world everyone was doing a nuclear blast and proving that they are a nuclear power. Even our traditional rival India has declared itself as a nuclear power. At that, it needed to declare Pakistan as a nuclear power because it was mandatory to stand in the world. It is only due to the efforts of Sir Abdul Qadeer Khan that we have become the superpower in the world.

28 May Youm e Takbeer

He is the person who has devoted his life to his beloved country Pakistan. There were many superpowers present in the world who wanted that Pakistan would not declare itself as a superpower but with the grace of ALLAH Almighty and the great efforts of Sir Abdul Qadeer Khan we have become the superpower in the world. As a result, most of the country who was trying to attack Pakistan now afraid of Pakistan and the power of Pakistani Armed forces. On this day, Each Pakistani celebrates this day with great devotion. Pakistan does flag hosting on this day and the atomic exhibition held on this day. There are also award ceremonies on this day and patriotic songs are also arranged on this day too.

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