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23 March 1940 The Day of Pakistan Destiny

23 March 1940 is the day when Paksitan was proclained to the Muslims of India  as separate and independent nation from the huge gathering. This day in Pakistan is celebrated as a Pakistan Day(National Day) of Pakistan. It is basically Pakistan  day but also known as National Day of Pakistan.

The All India Muslim League played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan in the year 1940. Muslim league had become a stronger political party for the Muslims of Indo-Pak Subcontinent, under which the Muslims were struggling for a separate homeland for them. The great leader of the Muslims, Mohammad Ali Jinnah by the time had become the lining symbol of Muslim unity and Muslim politics and the Muslims had so completely centered on him that he had become almost an institution in himself.

In the year 1940, the annual session of the Muslim league opened at Lahore, on the 22nd of March amidst scenes of great enthusiasm. Thousands met in the League Pandal which was tastefully decorated. This was a great moment and thousands of lovers of Mohammad Ali Jinnah were waiting for the historical speech. Mohammad Ali Jinnah arrived in the afternoon and was led directly to the Pandal. Nawab of Mamdot, welcomed the participants and pointed that the greatest achievement of the League was the suspension of the Federal part of the Government of India Act of 1935.

In the presidential address delivered by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, He explained the pertaining postion of Muslims against the Hindus and Britshers. Those people were totally going against the muslims and did not want that muslims will go up and get their seperate place to live and spend an independent life. They want that Muslims will always remain under their own command and they use Muslims for their own. Great Mohammad Ali Jinnah observe all this and then he addressed :

“As soon as circumstances permit or immediately after the war at the latest, the whole problem of India as future constitution must be examined de novo and the Act of 1935 must go once for all. We do not believe in asking the British Government to make declarations. These declarations are really of no use. You cannot passably succeed in getting the British Government out of this country by asking them to make declarations.”

At this time we all have to realize that how we get Pakistan and should must acknowledged the sacrifices of the great people who gave their lives for the making of Pakistan. Now Pakistan is at this stage where all the Pakistan need to serve for Pakistan. The new generation should have to Participate in the success of Pakistan. If Pakistan young generation do as people did at the time when Pakistan was established then Pakistan will must achieve what the other countries achieving. In Pakistan their is no lack of talent just need opportunity to get benefit from the brilliance of Pakistan youth and experienced people.

On the time of 23 March 1940 The Pakistan people should think that where they were when Pakistan were made and where we are now. Pakistan success is in honesty and doing everything by heart to put Pakistan on top with other successive countries.

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