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Warid is the leading telecom company in Pakistan. Warid started providing its services in 2005. Warid offers a number of services to the people of Pakistan. Warid offers exciting mobile internet packages for their customers in Pakistan. You can enjoy high speed internet on your mobile by Warid. Warid offers these internet bundles for the convenience of their customers. Here are the details of mobile internet buckets offered by Warid tel.

Warid internet packages in Pakistan

Warid internet packages in Pakistan, Daily, Monthly, Unlimited

  • 2MB Mobile Internet BucketDaily Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs. 2.99/day
    To activate, SMS 2MB to 7777
    Validity expires at 12am daily
  • 15MB Mobile Internet Bucket
    Daily Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 10/day
    to activate, SMS 15MB to 7777.
    Validity expires at 12am daily  
  •  100MB Mobile Internet Bucket
    Monthly Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs. 99.99/month
    To activate, SMS 100MB to 7777.
  • Warid Unlimited Internet Package
    Unlimited Bucket at 50 MBs per day. Meaning that 50×30 = 1500 MB a month.
    You can get this package at Rs. 12 per day.
  •  To activate: SMS “Daily” to 7777 to activate 50 MB bucket
    Daily activation is required
    Validity expires at 12am daily
  •  Terms & Conditions:
    This Bucket is for all Warid prepaid packages
    Limited time offer

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