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1st Year Date Sheet 2022 Faisalabad Board

The students can get the 1st Year Date Sheet 2022 Faisalabad Board online from this website. In this way, we are providing the date sheet of part one for the students. So, they can get this date sheet with help of this page. In fact, they can download the Date for their exams of the Faisalabad board from this point. However, we also are going to mention the date sheet in the text form for the students as well. So, they can read their date sheet as well according to their relevant subjects. In this way, all subjects time table is mentioned in the below section of this post.

Basically, the board provides the Date sheet for the student before fifteen days or one month. The reason behind this is to make your mind for the preparation according to the date sheet. In this way, the students can start the preparation of their subjects according to the date sheet. They can start their preparation of subjects with the date and time respectively. However, the date sheet is listing for the 1st year students of Faisalabad.

Bise Faisalabad Board 1st Year Date Sheet 2022

First of all, the students are need to clear this point that exams are conducted for all classes this year. The prove is this date sheet as we are mentioning for the 1st year students.

Part-1 Annual exams Date sheet:

Date of Paper: Subjects of Paper

12.08.2022: 1. Psychology 2. Business Mathematics (Commerce Group) and statistics for arts group

13.08.2022: 1. Chemistry (Group First) 2. Outlines of Home Economics and Geography for Arts

16.08.2022: 1. Civics 2. Principles of Commerce (Commerce Group) and Computer Islamic History & Culture

20.08.2022: 1. Biology (Group First) 2. Mathematics (Group First) 3. Library Science and Fine Arts

21.08.2022: 1. Punjabi (Group First) 2. Arabic (Humanities, languages & Islamic Studies Group) 3. English (Elective) 4. Urdu (Advance) 5. Persian (Humanities & Languages Group)

23.08.2022: 1. Sociology 2. Islamic Studies (Islamic Studies Group) and Economics

24.08.2022: 1. Islamic Studies (Elective) (Group First)

(Humanities Group) 2. Principles of Accounting (Commerce Group)

25.08.2022: 1. Physics (Group First) 2 . (i)History of Islam and Physics (Group Second) Health & Physical Education

26.08.2022: 1. Education (Group First) 2. Principles of Economics (Commerce Group)

So, the students can start their study preparation according to the above date sheet. However, If you have any further queries about the 1st year annual exams date sheet then comment below.  The 1st Year Date Sheet 2022 Faisalabad Board is available for the intermediate pat one students. So, click here to get your date sheet here.

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