11th Class Physics Smart Syllabus 2023

The student that did not know about the Physics syllabus that is delivering by the board is available here. So, the students of 1st year can easily check the smart syllabus of the Physics subject from here. We also were providing the other subject syllabus according to the board. However, the 11th Class Physics Smart Syllabus 2023 is available in few steps below. The syllabus is coming from the Punjab board for the first-year students to prepare for this scheme.

However, the students are also aware of the situation of the country during the pandemic of Coved-19. That’s why the government is delivering the short syllabus for the 1st year students subject-wise. Here is a complete detail for the Physics subject to know about the smart syllabus.

11th Class Physics Smart Syllabus 2023 Pdf Download


Chapter No1: Measurements:

  • Firstly, the topics are precision and accuracy as well as Assessment.
  • Dimensions of quantities with examples are covering the topics in a short syllabus.

Chapter No2: Vectors Equilibrium:

  • The Basic concepts, Vectors components, additionally, Torque and exams are including.

Unit 3: Motion and Force:

  • The topics of this chapter are uniformly accelerating motion, impulse conservation law as well.
  • Lastly, the topic is projectile motion and examples from this chapter.

4th Chapter: Work energy:

  • The topic of Constant force, variable force as well as gravitational field. Power energy and types of energy for example.

Chapter 5: Circular Motion:

  • In this chapter, the angular displacement, velocity, acceleration, and relation b/w velocities of angular and linear.
  • The other topics are a centripetal force as well as the moment of inertia, rotational KE, Orbital velocity as well.

6 Chapters: Fluid Dynamics:

  • Firstly, the topic of low viscous drag& stokes, terminal velocity, and fluid flow are the main topics of this chapter.
  • However, continuity of equation as well as Bernoulli’s equation with examples is selecting from the board.

Chapter No 7: Oscillation:

  • The topic of Uniform circular and SHM, Phase as well as pendulum topics are highlighting in this chapter.
  • Chapter Number 8: Waves:
  • The topic of Periodic waves as well as the Speed of sound in the air.
  • similarly, the topic of beats and stationary waves with examples.

Chapter Number 9: Physical Optics:

  • There are topics in this chapter like wave fronts, the principle of Huygens, and young’s double-slit experiment.
  • Actually, the topics are Newton rings, Michelson, and diffraction of the narrow slit.

Second last chapter: Optical Instruments:

  • The first topic is distinct vision, Magnifying and resolving power, the microscope is including in this book.
  • The topic of Astronomical telescope, light speed, fiber optics as well as principles with examples.

Lastly, Heat and Thermodynamics:

  • This chapter is covering Kinetic theory, internal energy in other words work, and heat topics.
  • Thermodynamic of the first law, molar specific heat, Carnot engine are the topics that the board is providing.

In fact, if you still feel to know about the short syllabus of Physics you can ask us at this point.

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