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11th Class English Smart Syllabus 2023

As we know the colleges are closing due to the pandemic disease of coved-19 in the country from the last year. The instruction is coming from the Punjab education board to close all schools as well as colleges for the production of the students. In this way, the Board also providing the solution for the students in the shape of a short syllabus. In this way, the 11th Class English Smart Syllabus 2023 is available for the college’s students. However, the other smart syllabus for the other subject is also available for 1st year. 1st-year students can check the smart syllabus for all subjects that the board is providing.

Firstly, the smart syllabus is totally basis on the selective topics that the board is providing for the 1st year. In this way, the details of the topics with chapter-wise are available in the below section. So, let’s start to know about the selective topics that the board is offering to prepare for the exams.

11th Class English Smart Syllabus 2023


11th Class English Smart Syllabus

First Unit: Basic of IT

  • Overview of the chapter then Hardware and software topic, System VS Application, Units of data storage, system development and word topics.
  • The questions are first and four, five from the exercise.

2nd Unit: Information Networks:

  • The topics in this chapter are workgroup computing, internet, and components, LAN and WAN topics are covering in the syllabus.
  • However, the topic of Network standards and topologies, as well as the OSI model, are including in the syllabus.

3rd Unit: Data Communication:

  • The overview is necessary for all chapters then the topic components of data communication, signals, types, and transmission are including.
  • However, the questions are Q1 with the first four parts seven nine ten, On the other hand.
  • The Q2 with one, two, five, Q3 having three parts and remaining all.

4th Unit: Application and computer use:

  • Actually, in this chapter, the topic is one use of computer in fields.
  • However, the fields are Business as well as E-Commerce.
  • In fact, the topic of computer added design and simulations only are in the syllabus.

5th chapter: Computer Architecture:

  • This is covering Bus Interconnection, I/O units, Instruction, Operating systems.
  • However, the topic of translators and functions is also including in the smart syllabus.

6th Chapter: Security:

  • The topic of Virus and Antivirus, as well as data security, are including from the board.

Chapter 7th: Windows OS:

  • The Types of OS and starting the use of OS, lastly, the disk management topics are necessary for this chapter.

Word Processing Chapter 8:

  • The topic of the word processor, in fact, the simple and full-featured word processor is the main topic in this chapter.

Spreadsheet 9 chapter:

  • Basically, the topics are features formulas and functions as well as charts are the main topics delivering by the board.

Unit 10: Fundamental Internet:

  • Addressing, browsing, Email and newsgroups are topics that actually covering the chapter.

Any query about the Computer syllabus of 1st year will be furnished here for the college students.

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