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10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2023

There are guess papers available for the students to the preparation for their exams. In this way, the 10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2023 English Urdu Medium is available for the students. So, they will be able to get their guess papers according to their subjects. However, the students who want to get all subjects guess papers can find them on this website. In this way, we are providing all subject’s guess papers at this place for the students. However, the guess papers that we are providing are very helpful for the students to get maximum marks in their exams. So, prepare these questions that we are providing for the students in this place.

There are some important questions that you should prepare even if you already have a good preparation for your exams. However, if you did not prepare already for your subject then these questions will help you to get more than 50 percent marks. So, below are important questions available for the students of the 10th class.

10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2023 English Urdu Medium Download

Guess questions of Physics 10th:

  • Simple Harmonic Motion as well as examples.
  • Damped Oscillations
  • Definitions of Waves and types
  • Transverse wave and longitudinal wave
  • Rarefaction as well as compression
  • Ripple Tank with example
  • However, forms the exercise questions one to 5 are important.

Second chapter:

  • Definition of Echo Sound as well as the frequency of sound, pitch loudness, and intensity.
  • Speed of sound in multiple media
  • Factors
  • Use of Ultrasound
  • Effects of noise as well as exercise questions 3 to 5 11 to 18.

10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2023 English Urdu Medium

Third Chapter:

  • Reflection and types of reflection
  • Lens Power and its unit
  • Critical angle topic
  • Resolution as well as magnification
  • Concave lenses and convex lenses
  • Telescope with its types
  • Total internal reflection and laws
  • The questions that are important in exercises 5 6 7 and 11 to 14.

Fourth Chapter:

  • Properties of Charge and definition
  • Electric filed with its intensity
  • However, define capacitor
  • Series as well as a parallel combination of capacitors
  • Columba’s Law and 11 to 19 exercise question are important

Fifth Chapter:

  • Ohm’s law defines
  • Def of Joule and KWH
  • Conventional current with example
  • Circuit breaker and definition of electric power, in fact, all questions of exercise.

Sixth Chapter:

  • electronics
  • Define thermionic emission
  • All gates and their uses in fact analog electronics
  • However, there are some important questions like 2 3 5 6, and 7.

Seventh chapter:

Complete exercise and the last chapter is having 2 to 12 questions. So, for any further query about physics guess paper can concern here.

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