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10th Class General Science Smart Syllabus 2023

The syllabus for the 10th class is delivering with the new scheme by the Punjab board for the students. However, the students are facing difficulties to prepare themselves for the exams. The reason is very clear that the disturbance of schooling and pandemic issues in our country. That way, the students cannot focus on their studies as they can on normal days. Therefore, the smart syllabus is available by the Punjab board for the students of the 10th class. Here the students can check the short syllabus subject-wise at this website. The 10th Class General Science Smart Syllabus 2023 is delivering here for the students.

In this way, the students also can check other respective subjects for the smart syllabus at this point. They also can download the smart syllabus in the PDF according to the subjects. Now, the general science short syllabus is going to available in the below section.

10th Class General Science Smart Syllabus 2023

Here the smart syllabus is available chapter-wise according to the Punjab board for the 10th class. The 10th class general science book is starting from chapter 6 as the previous 5 chapters are in 9th class.

Chapter No 6: Environment and Natural Resources:

  • The topics are Earth Atmosphere, Pollution, Poultry Farming, Dairy Farming.
  • Wildlife Parks of National. and exercise questions.

Chapter Number 7: Energy:

  • The chapter covering Work and Energy, Forms of energy, Demand, and Production of energy.
  • The exercise question and Measurement of energy including in the syllabus.

Chapter 8: Current Electricity:

  • In this way, the Introduction and topics of electric current, potential difference, and Ohm’s Law.
  • However, the topic of Resistance and components of Circuit, Alternating and Direct current.
  • In fact, the A.C D.C uses topics and domestic electric supply.
  • Dangers and Precautionary measures of Electricity are the topics in this chapter.

Chapter 9: Basic Electronics:

  • Firstly, the introduction and then semi-conductors as well as the Radio Waves topics.
  • However, the Computer information and Information Technology topics are including.

Chapter Number 10: Science and Technology:

  • Factually, the topic of Science Role as well as Technology Role, Lasers and Fiber Optics topics.
  • However, the syllabus covering Satellites and Radars as well as X-Rays.
  • Ultrasound, ECG and MRI, CT scan and Angiography topics are covering in this chapter.

Chapter Eleven: Space Nuclear Program:

  • Lastly, the 11 chapters is covering the topics of programs importance of space, space programs in Pakistan.
  • The Topic of Nuclear Power, Programs of Nuclear Power in Pakistan.

More about this subject is going to furnished here for the 10th class students. If something is missing in the smart syllabus you can ask for what we will provide here.

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