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10th Class Computer Science Smart Syllabus 2023

Due to the Pandemic of Covid-19 schools are not running in the normal form as the student knows about this. The students are disturbed by this conflict to go to schools and the government announced that schools are closing for some time opening as well. In this way, the smart syllabus is a tool to keep studying in preparation for exams. The smart syllabus from the curriculum board is available for the 10th-class students with subjects wise here. In this way, we are providing the 10th Class Computer Science Smart Syllabus 2023 in this post. So, you can check the syllabus of computer science available in PDF form as well.

The board provides a short syllabus of all subjects for the students to continue their studies during this pandemic. In this way, also check the computer science syllabus available in PDF form the subject-wise short syllabus, as well as the smart syllabus, is for the 10th class students at this single website. 10th-class students can check their smart syllabus with respect to the subjects of their classes. So, let’s start with the subject of computer science to know the smart syllabus from the board here.

10th Class Computer Science Smart Syllabus 2023


Chapter one: Problem Solving:

  • In this chapter, students should cover the topics of Problem Solving Method like Steps, Design Algorithm and Flowcharts.
  • Program writing, testing programs, debugging programs.
  • Algorithm developing strategy and flowcharts.

Chapter 2: Data Types…

  • Program writing in GW-BASIC, creating, saving, loading, and executing the programs.
  • BASIC programs structure, reserved words, Variables in BASIC, Variables Types, Constants, and All Commands.
  • All Statements and Operators in GW-BASIC are including in the syllabus as well.

Chapter 3 Control Structure:

  • This chapter is covering the topic of Selection Structure as well as the Introduction.
  • However, the topic of Loops is important in this chapter.

Unit 4 Arrays:

  • The topic is an Array is the first topic of this chapter.
  • Secondly, Filling and Printing Array as well as Types and a one-dimensional array.

Chapter Number 5: Sub Programs and File Handling:

  • Built-in Function like ABS, INT, RND and other are available in this chapter.
  • Secondly, the User-defined Functions are covering pages number 67 to 69.

Unit number 6: Graphics in BASIC:

  • The topics are Introduction as well as Screen statement and PSET statement from page 80 to 84.
  • The statements of LINE CIRCLE and DRAW are from pages 84 to 86 in this chapter.

Microsoft Word: 

  • The last chapter is including the entire topics available in this chapter.

More about the smart syllabus of the 10th class computer science is answering here for the students. You can ask the relevant question in the comments section about the computer science subject for the syllabus.

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